Please be aware that many companies have changed the way that tax exempt certificates are processed for purchases at their stores. As a procurement cardholder, you may need a sales tax exemption card issued by the company to make tax-exempt purchases for the University. The Controller’s Office is responsible for filing the University’s Tennessee Exempt Organization Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption with the various companies that have implemented this new process. All company specific sales tax exemption cards are issued to the Controller’s Office and they will distribute the tax exempt cards to individuals on request. If you should need one of these cards to make purchases on behalf of the University, please contact the Controller’s Office at Individual employees and/or departments should NOT request sales tax exemption cards directly from companies. If you have obtained a sales tax exemption card without the assistance of the Controller’s Office, please contact their office as soon as possible so that we can ensure proper distribution.


Please note that it is a violation of the law to use the University’s sales tax exemption certificate for any purpose other than to conduct University business.  Additionally, only individuals with procurement cards will be issued company specific sales tax exemption cards since exemption certificates may not be used for sales to individuals paying with personal checks or personal debit/credit cards, even if the individual is a representative or employee of the organization that will be reimbursed. If you have any questions, please contact the Tax Compliance Staff in the Controller’s Office at

How to request a card:

1.) Complete the required training module in K@TE and download your completion certificate

2.) Submit a card request in Concur within 3 months of training completion with your K@TE certificate attached

3.) Receive a new card within 7-10 business days of final Concur application approval

4.) Activate your card with Global Card Access and download the app


Travel Cards: Take Travel Card Training and Questionnaire
Procurement Cards: Take Procurement Card Training and Questionnaire
How to Request a Card in Concur


Bank of America Customer Service: 1-888-449-2273

  • If your card has been lost or stolen, press 0 when asked for the account number.

Fraud Department: 1-866-500-8262


Additional information: 

  • When contacting the bank, the cardholder verification ID is 9 + the 6 digit UT personnel number.
  • Do not provide full card information or other personal data to anyone who contacts you regarding your card account. When in doubt, hang up and call the bank.


For more information about the Travel Card Program:

Email with questions about travel policies or the Concur system.