PaymentWorks, the University’s new vendor portal, is now live.


The University’s new vendor portal is now available to all departments who need to create a new vendor or make changes to an existing vendor. With this new portal, vendors are now responsible for supplying and maintaining their own information.

To initiate the process, the department will need to send them an invite through this portal. The portal is located on the IRIS website under the IRIS tab. Dual factor authentication is needed for UT Employees to access this system.

After the vendor has supplied their information in the portal, and that information has been verified, the person who initiated the request will be notified.

PaymentWorks link in the IRIS Web Portal


To sign up for PaymentWorks training sessions or see a recorded training session, please go to

Special Circumstances

If you are intending to pay an individual, please first complete the Independent Contractor Questionnaire to verify that the individual should indeed be paid as a vendor, and not as an employee.

If you are paying a foreign individual, the payroll office may require them to provide various documents and information to ensure that taxes are properly withheld and recorded, if necessary. Visit payroll’s website at for more information. Also, if the services are performed in the USA, they may be required to complete the Foreign National/Independent Contractor/Guest Traveler Payment Form.


Any questions should be sent the System Accounts Payable Office at 865-974-2302 or