Cardholder Responsibilities

Cardholders have the following responsibilities in procurement card usage and appropriate record keeping procedures:

  • Read and abide by these policies and procedures and complete the PROCUREMENT CARD QUESTIONNAIRE.
  • Always try to obtain the best possible value for the university with the procurement card.
  • Keep the card in a secure location and keep the card number confidential.
  • Exercise caution in sharing account information.
  • Ensure that state sales tax is not charged when making a purchase. The university’s tax-exempt number is printed on the face of the procurement card.
  • Obtain and keep receipts and maintain detailed information for each card transaction.  A receipt must be obtained for each purchase or transaction. Receipts are critical to the success and integrity of the procurement card program.
  • Obtain a monthly statement printed from the university’s accounting system. Review the statement for accuracy.  Sign the statement and forward it and the receipts to the appropriate individual in the department for verification.
  • Resolve all incorrect charges and product returns with the merchant or vendor as quickly as possible.  Call the bank immediately if the card is lost or stolen and notify the campus or unit coordinator and the program administration in the Treasurer’s Office.

Verifier Responsibilities

The departmental verifier is responsible for verifying receipts with the monthly statements and has the following duties. If possible, the verifier should be an employee other than the cardholder and is normally the bookkeeper.

  • Attend the required accounting system training on procurement cards.
  • Obtain a signed monthly statement and supporting original receipts from each cardholder in the verifier’s area of responsibility.
  • Verify the statement by ensuring that receipts are in hand for all transactions listed on the cardholder’s monthly statement. Confirm that the receipts are acceptable documents according to university policy and the items purchased appear to be legitimate in nature.  Failure to routinely verify statements may result in disciplinary action.
  • Report any questionable purchases to the attention of the department head or the campus internal audit department.
  • Sign the cardholder statement signifying that it has been verified, as described above.
  • Distribute the charges to the appropriate cost centers/WBS elements and general ledger accounts as necessary on the university’s accounting system. The distribution must be completed in a timely manner that allows the approval process to be completed by the deadline. The distribution should proceed even if the verifier does not have all of the receipts or some transactions are disputed.
  • Maintain a file of signed statements with original receipts attached for six years.

Department Head/Approver Responsibilities

  1. The department head is ultimately accountable for appropriate procurement card use in the department. The department head has the following responsibilities.
  • Select and approve employees who are eligible to apply for a procurement card.
  • Select individual(s) who will be responsible for verifying monthly statements. The verifier must have access to and be trained to use the university’s accounting system. If possible, the verifier should be an employee other than the cardholder and is normally the departmental bookkeeper.
  • Ensure that cardholders and verifiers abide by university policies and procedures governing the procurement card program, as well as university purchasing policies and procedures.
  • Ensure that reconciled statements and supporting documents are retained for six years.
  1. The department head (or designee) is normally the approver. The approver must be authorized to approve the expenditure of university funds and should have knowledge of the department’s procurement card activities. The approver is responsible for the final approval of procurement card statements and has the following responsibilities.
  • Obtain training for electronic approvals on the university’s accounting system.
  • Review procurement card statements on the electronic approval system for approval or rejection. Approval indicates that the purchases and the distribution of charges are appropriate. Approve appropriate statements by the Treasurer’s Office deadline.
  • Electronically reject statements requiring further processing by the verifier. The approver should attach an explanation indicating why the statement was rejected. Approvers should reject statements when they suspect an inappropriate purchase (that has not been marked as disputed), when they do not have enough supporting documentation to make an informed decision about the appropriateness of a purchase, or when the distribution of charges needs to be changed.

Campus/Unit Coordinator Responsibilities

  1. The campus or unit coordinator is the individual at the campus or unit level responsible for administrative and managerial functions associated with the procurement card program, as follows.
  • Distribute the procurement card policy to affected employees.
  • Review, approve, and forward card applications to the program administrator.
  • Ensure that training is conducted for verifiers (university accounting system) and department heads or their designees (electronic approval system).
  • Verify, for applicable campuses and units, that card applicants have completed the procurement card questionnaire before a card is issued.
  • Distribute new and replacement cards.
  • Collect and dispose of expired cards.
  • Maintain file of executed cardholder agreements. New cards should not be distributed to employees until agreements are executed and the questionnaire is completed.

Program Administrator Responsibilities

  1. The responsibility for the administration of the procurement card program has been assigned to the Accounts Payable department in the Treasurer’s Office. The supervisor in Accounts Payable serves as the program administrator and as the primary liaison between the bank and the university. Duties include the following.
  • Manage the flow of information into the university’s accounting system.
    Review applications and verify, for applicable campuses and units, that card applicants have completed the procurement card questionnaire before cards are issued. Forward applications to the bank.
  • Distribute procurement cards to the campus or unit coordinators.
  • Review and pay monthly invoices from the bank.
  • Answer questions and solve problems regarding the program.
  • Maintain cardholder database.
  • Manage and maintain the VISA reporting system (i.e., InfoSpan).