PaymentWorks Frequently Asked Questions


PaymentWorks is the University’s new cloud‐based vendor onboarding solution. It will replace the current vendor creation and change processes. Departmental users will log-into the system and send invites to vendors. The vendors will then work with PaymentWorks to create their account. Once everything is verified, the departmental users will be notified that a vendor account has been created.

PaymentWorks will assist the university in validating information provided by vendors and it will automate certain steps such as checking various sanction and debarred lists. It also allows vendors to provide sensitive information in a secure format and eliminates the need for departments to gather this information. This new process also eliminates several forms that departments were completing to establish a vendor. The vendors now provide this information electronically to PaymentWorks.

PaymentWorks was selected as the successful awardee through a competitive Request for Proposals (RFP) process.  PaymentWorks provided the best value product in relation to the University’s needs and in comparison, to others who responded to the solicitation.

The main change is simply to use the PaymentWorks invitation process to request new vendor entries rather than gathering various forms from the vendors and submitting these through IRIS. After sending the invitation, you will be able to monitor the status of the onboarding process in PaymentWorks.

Yes, a group of department testers who typically work with vendor application requests as part of their daily work participated in pilot testing. The pilot testers helped validate processes and workflow and offered helpful feedback based on their operational knowledge.

No ‐ PaymentWorks will completely replace the current paper‐based vendor application. Any vendor or individual for whom a University vendor number is required must go through the automated onboarding process.

Continue to perform searches as you do currently to determine if a vendor is already in the University’s vendor database. This may include checking directly within your Shopping Cart / Requisition or PRD using vendor search tools. You can also use SAP T‐code XK‐03 for direct searches.

Any foreign vendor or individual will also register through PaymentWorks. There are customized fields for each country and address format.

Send the PaymentWorks invitation to all entities/persons. The registration form has customized entries for every University vendor type.

Onboarding time depends on several factors, the primary of which being the vendor’s completion of the registration process. That said, the onboarding process should not be longer than that for the current manual process and in most instances, will be shorter. Onboarding delays may occur if a vendor is found to have sanctions against them or other validation obstacles.

Any active vendor (currently in IRIS) will only need to be sent an invitation if they have an update to their vendor information.

All vendor changes will be entered into Payment Works. Departments will need to email vendors to let them know to update their profile in Payment Works. If they do not have a profile, the department will need to initiate an invitation in Payment Works to the vendor.

No ‐ Since the onboarding process requires an email invitation and the vendor to complete and attest to their own information, it can only be done by the company or individual being onboarded.

Contact the System Accounts Payable Office for guidance if you have any vendors or individuals who cannot complete the vendor onboarding process for some reason.